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DYCP Portfolio

This page features select examples of my work. Further details can be found in the main portfolio on the website.


My doctoral research focused on the design of knitted e-textiles for interactive applications. This has included a range of novel tactile fabric designs for illumination and sensing. These have been used in research prototypes and sensory stimulation tools for people with dementia.

Community Engagement

Public E-textiles workshops I have ran in conjunction with other organisations exploring e-textiles lighting and sensing.

Handheld Home workshop (25 June 2022) 

In collaboration between Katrina McLaughlin and CollaborARTi

Electricity textiles and Sound (27th April 2023)

In conjunction with Eddie Dobson, Director of Yorkshire Sound Women Network.


Costume & Carnival Arts

I have been involved as a maker for Huddersfield Carnival and Callaloo Carnival Art. I have worked as part of a creative team to bring exciting and bold carnival costumes to life. I primarily work with textiles, in conjunction with structural materials such as fibre glass rods and foam, to create wearable sculptures for indoor and outdoor performances.

Star*ts / É-toile
(20-24th April 2023)

Étoile - [French] Star. Toile - [French] Cloth

Four knitted artworks. Acrylic, Wool and Lurex yarns.
Knitted on a modified domestic knitting machine.

É-toile was created by Amy Chen in collaboration with Ángela Hoyos Gómez. The four art pieces depict different astronomical phenomena and aims to bring the audience closer to these distant and grand astronomical events.

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